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18, I cross Siamese(papa) and Arabic(mama) , I just want the wait to be over, SPM result please said for ten.
Someone's so soon :)
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Less talk

                                Assalammualaikum. ill be straight to the point. i dont have to write here any cs deeply i have my twitter acc and my whatsapp buddies. i tell them everythings. i dont need to write here any longer. i just dont desire to (.)

Alhamdulillah, rezeki ada dimana-mana.

                    Alhamdulillah, i baru je published previous then i teringat nak bukak email. ya Allah, terkejut sgt. alhamdulillah my try really gets luck. tapi semua ni under discussion lagi. i kena confirm in three days time. and bila mana i dah confirm. ill not be around for the next Monday. cepat kan? fuhh. its a pleasure to get this chance tapi Allah je tau macam mana nak decide. in sha Allah, later then.

                   Me and Syakir dah dpt email:)  we're waiting for Emy and Adi. in sha Allah.


                        Assalammualaikum. i sambung jelah eh. after two days. officially i reject both. oh ya, pagi tadi (15th) i dpt lagi satu email. TCHT Awards, for Diploma in Hotel Management. istikarah done, parents discussion done, tak sedap hati. seniours advices done, still tak sedap hati. ni petunjuk Allah selepas istikarah in sha Allah. im not going to tell further. thats it :) adi and syakir pun like nak reject. i bukan ikut kawan or what but hati i kuat sgt say for a no and mmg tak sedap hati nak pegi for this. i kena register 21st ni. like in sha Allah. tak kot. in sha Allah :)

A lots have changed. Eventhough it has only been a bit more than a month since school ended.

                               Asslamualaikum. My title, my very long title. i can even summarised it up. its my title. yeah my title. cs i meant it. I tweet much right now to make me even feels better. Thanks tweethearts. its only been a bit more than a month since school ended, everythings had changed. i repeat, e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.s. once again, EVERYTHINGS. and i just love to start it all over again. with them: my heartbeat now a day. bukan nak lupa benda yang dah lepas, tapi buang yang keruh ambil yang jernih. oldfolks were just made words nicer.

              K tengok sebelah, ni sebelah ni. i currently tengah baca buku ni instead of my wardrobe of novelle i baru jugak beli. tyw, tak habis baca lagi and my mom really will get mad of that. ahhhhhh you  better to finish it all up Mar! k back. memandangkan i kadang-kadang tak de kerja dekat rumah sementara tunggu adik-adik i balik sekolah, so i teringat millions of paper bags i kutip ceeyt:p dekat Star Edufair KLCC past days. so i naik bilik grabs all those paper bags. laptop on, note book aside and i mula selongkar semua paper bags tu. and i dah short-listed university yang reasonable, ofcourse focus more to engineering.and i surf semua web and i just apply all. Just that, upu is all kerajaan and ofcs wajib. so apa salahnya kita usaha selagi terdaya untuk universities yang ade links overseas kan? kita tak tau future mcm mana. we have to plan. and i buat apa yang termampu je. in sha Allah rezeki ada dimana-mana. kita digalakkan untuk berusaha. so doakan i
!:) tak tau kenapa i paling interested Taylors's. me,emy,syakir and adi dah apply.three of us semua applied for Foundation Chemical Engineering. emy goes for Accountancy and Finance. kalau lah dapat, bestnya ada all heartbeats!

                            One more things, i applied for TCHT Awards 2013 Taylor's University for Diploma in Hotel Management. its sounds unique kan? just try a luck then. Adi and Syakir pun tiba-tiba nak join adventure. k la layan la, and farneey enough dorang siap discuss. "k Mar kita tiga bukak hotel sama-sama lah..... bla bla bla....... i malas layan. gila sgt dah. haha. but after all, i just doa untuk yang terbaik and harap tak salah pilih course.  Wait, The BAC Study Skills Guide book really inspired me. undergraduate students out there, baca lah. sgt tak rugi :) till then.

Finally here I am in Istanbul

                                Assalamualaikum. alhamdulillah finally here i am in Istanbul! with lovely mama. my four days here were very relax. mama tak nak pakai tour agency so all the itinerary fully plan sendiri. okay la nice vacation. i really rest up my mind. lupa everything pahit dekat sekolah dulu. new life really get started. and i realized something. it might hurt to lose him, but maybe he wasn 't supposed to stay. i let you go freely. i can accept it now! alhamdulillah. i doakan dia always dalam barakah Allah SWT. im happy with my life now. im very happy with my life like seriously. i happy sangat. alhamdulillah. hmp back to Istanbul. korang really have to pay a visit there. i nampak ramai muslim with niqab. i tenang sangat tengok. the weather really suits me. i feel like wanna stay there for the whole of my life. maybe i boleh further study sana kan?:) the muslim culture was great. i felt in love with Istanbul, Turkey :)

                         Okay now i pun dah sampai rumah and ah ada sad news. papa said, Tutti Frutti dekat rumah desperate nak worker masa i dekat sana. so they HAD to make it fast. so ada orang ganti tempat i. ahhh i sedih gila. but hmp bila i fikir balik i macam suka la pulak. i boleh duduk rumah! all the times. jaga adik-adik. heaven me:) hmp so my life sekarang... just fully house manager. as my mom said. i happy je. byk masa rehat. and i pun boleh tolong ringankan beban mama papa bila balik office. i 'll make sure bila mama papa balik kerja dorang tak kan buat anything dah. just tidur je. i 'll make the house fully mine. haa, heaven kan.

                          People, keeps on praying for my result k. i takut my three subjects:/ and also for my future undertaking. i like terkejut tau ada one night before tidur mama like talking all about love. she said that, hmp i ringkaskan la ey. mama said like i kena fikir a little bit about love now. maybe sebab i dah habis sekolah kan. wahh, i excited kot but i have no one right now. susah nak cari. but love will comes naturallly kan mama?:)

Its time to be adult. Its time to be responsible.

                                  Assalamualaikum. alahai boring nya , im all alone at home now. Mama and papa pagi-pagi keluar hantar adik-adik sekolah. dah start sekolah dah and lepas dorang pegi i tutup pintu and i turn back looking at my home. totally i dont have nothing to do. i masuk bilik, my cozy bed and pillows really understand me. im about to go back to sleep. ah im loving it. i sleep for three hours babe. then i bangun at 10 mandi apa semua, and at last tak tau nak buat apa. tv on, and layan tiga movie sekali. punya boring tu. then washing machine bunyi and time to sidai baju. berapa lama sangat lah sidai baju tu. then masuk WhatsApp kawan-kawan yang totally tau lah i memang tgh boring dekat rumah. then :) i teringat one of my friend. esok nak daftar plkn dah. sedihnya i , hes my very mery bestfriend. Name given: Amirul Asyraf. Ill miss you buddy. take care dekat sana berkhidmat untuk negara:)  Okay i call dia for a very long time, borak itu ini. haisy rinduya nanti ramai pegi plkn.

                                  Kisah boring i ni tak kan berbunyi for four days i tot. I fly to Istanbul tomorrow. my flight is at one this morning. I fly dengan mama. they said that its gonna be our family tradition. After spm, choose a place to go. i choose Istanbul. because the Islamic culture. but act i sendiri pun tak tau kenapa i pilih Istanbul. tapi theres must be something behind it. in sha Allah i story later bila i dah sampai esok. i straightly gonna tell you here bila i sampai je esok k. we just bring each one a luggage. mine is pink in colour (really in love with it) and my mom is goldish brown in colour. i think its suit her. and im gonna wear all colour-blocking dress theres. my mom ask to. but i pun memang suka colour-blocking. hmp gonna rest up my mind dekat sana. i 'll story my four days Istanbul tour itinerary. in sha Allah bila i free nanti dekat sana. till then.

Talented artists

                 Assalammualaikum. hai, banyak nya benda unexpected jadi. macam-macam. before i story deeper i nak share two of my very mery favourite artists. Yuna and Chase Coy. last night masa i tukar-tukar lagu dengan syakir i memang dah set mind nak describe sikit dorang ni. btw, lagu yang syakir suruh i dengar semua like music dia fast. bukan i tak suka, its fun sometimes. but i lagi suka music produced by Yuna and Chase Coy. im too passionate about talking and hearing and and bringing out their full potential by developing and executing a vision for their art. I really love the music. seriously i boleh tak sedar pagi dah petang and petang dah malam bila earphone connected and Chase Coy/Yuna top tracks playing on phone. ahh heaven:) and memang i suka pun feeling sorang-sorang:p the lyrics r much meaningful. do a visit @ and :)

Hashtag here: #LBS2

            Assalammualaikum. At last ada pun story i nak share sini. Last night i subscribe Astro First #LagendaBudakSetan2 dgn harapan nak tgk lah hows the story continues and dah ready siap kotak tisu dekat sebelah. i really tot its gonna real awesome from the first one but i tell you what hundred percently i mmg dissapoint gila. tisu tu memang lah habis half but i nangis pun sebab apa... k Im a person in type yang lembut sgt hati towards babies. kalau boleh baby tu i nak jaga biar tidur atas comforter lagi mahal from aussino. Perumpamaan lah tu to show how means i appreciate baby. But in this story time i tgk last night mmg i jerit-jerit sumpah seranah Farid Kamil. ada akai ka tinggai ja baby kasi penagih dadah jaga. And at last the baby dead. Ya Allah appreciate baby please. Parents, baby is the real wealth in the wide whole world. Please parents.

           K i bring you here out of the box. Kalau tgk news and dkt paper pun ada je cerita pasal parents yang like lalai lah jaga anak. Macam yang latest i dengar. A baby dead to his mom's boyfriend. Shud it happens Malaysians? Ya Allah, if only lah in my future time i boleh organize satu organisation untuk jaga all babies yang nasib macam ni seems nice gila kan guys? Hoping it sooooner soon. Haha u pun tak masuk lagi but as quotes said ; its not that bad fer dreaming. Keeps dreaming people and keep praying for the best. Really i love babies.

           K we back to the title. #LBS2 for me sgt bored. Nothing sweet, nothing happens and nothing nice. The baby gone. Sad me is super sad last night.

                  Done with lbs. Here i have a soulmate for an appreciation. Name given Syazwan Syakir Razman. Oh i just called him Kir. No description here but just a appreciation here. We made our day, kalau having conversation memang kira nak gelak and lawan each other. Haisy, keeps fighting! Great buddy :)

 *shakehand* bye!